The partnership between CAM-CCBC and the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot dates to 2009. Since Brazilian universities began participating in the Moot, CAM-CCBC has been the main supporter of the competition in the country, sponsoring teams, organizing pre-moots, and hosting moot-related events.

Sponsoring teams is particularly important for the development of arbitration and international commercial law in the country both in the academic and practical scenarios, allowing mooties to deeply study the subjects and experience an international competition. The results of this support are clear: in 2019, Brazil was the country with the second largest number of participating universities. According to Vis Moot Director Prof. Dr. Stefan Kröll, LL.M., that is “primarily due to CAM-CCBC’s involvement”.

CAM-CCBC has also been organizing its traditional Pre-Moot in São Paulo for thirteen years and the Hamburg Pre-Moot jointly with Hamburg Arbitration Circle. To learn more about how those events boost the development of the competition, students and arbitration, click on “Pre-Moots” on the website’s menu.

Additionally, CAM-CCBC is always gathering great names in arbitration and CISG to lecture in events: Gary Born, Ingeborg Schwenzer, Martin Hunter, Loukas Mistelis, Stefan Kröll, Eric Bergsten, Yves Derains and Louise Barrington have all contributed greatly for preparation of the mooties over the years.

Join this successful partnership and develop your international arbitration skills!


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